Bwog Asked: What’s The Best Part About Fall?

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We’re trying to stop denying it: fall is upon us.  To that end, we asked our Sunday Butlerites: what’s the best part of the season?

Smokers Plaza

  • It’s not hot enough that it’s disgusting and I want to kill myself, but I’m from LA so I don’t want to freeze my ass off, but I can wear a fucking sweater.
  • It rains and I’m from London so I feel at home

Security Guards & Cafe:

  • Hockey — favorite team, The Rangers
  • I don’t care about it
  • No one’s on the streets
  • The coming snow

2nd Floor:

  • Looking forward to seeing the leaves change, I’m from Miami
  • Salted caramel mochas
  • Good weather for hiking in the park
  • My birthday
  • The weather. Like mid-60s
  • Mocking people who get pumpkin spice lattes
  • The clothing
  • The changing of the leaves
  • Boots
  • Pumpkin pie

3rd Floor:

  • Cool breeze
  • The temperature because it’s not too cold
  • Weather!
  • Leaves falling since I’ve never experienced that
  • Boots!
  • I don’t know…I wish there were an apple orchard somewhere around here. I feel like that’s really fall-ish
  • The leaves.
  • I guess I’ve just really enjoyed the weather recently
  • What? Really…? I don’t know.

5th Floor:

  • Everything is pumpkin flavored
  • The trees
  • The perfect sweater weather
  • Fall accessories — SCARVES

6th Floor:

  • Getting to wear boots and scarves!
  • (Rolled eyes, shrug) Nothing.
  • (Long contemplation) No finals. (Big smile)

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  1. bwog,  

    y u no talk to sleep deprived engineers in the meche computer lab :(

  2. hockeyyyyyy

    i'm excited to see how the Rangers do under AV

  3. Sad Alum

    The best part of the season is being a Columbia student :(

  4. I'm from london  

    The smokers plaza quotes are gold
    'It rains and I’m from London so I feel at home'
    Person from LA could not sound more LA
    Of course they are smoking
    Bless you

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