Overheard in MusicHum: Passover is a Catholic Thing, Right?

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Jesus was Jewish, right?

I mean, Jesus was a Hebrew…

We weren’t even sure how to react to this tip ourselves…

From a bewildered tipster: “85% sure my Music Hum instructor wasn’t joking when he said, ‘They only composed masses for really special holidays. Like Easter and Passover.'”

No one reacted.


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  1. Catholic  

    Maybe he meant the Passion, as in Matthäus-Passion? Well but that is an Oratorio.

    Oh well, here's a clip:

  2. Anonymous  

    Anyway, this is not true at all! In many places and times there have been sung Eucharists every Sunday.

  3. BSGS  

    ...AND, I rest my case about Columbia and music.

  4. CU ADMIRERS United  

    anyone who's heard Stepan on WKCR knows otherwise.

  5. Anonymous

    Christians celebrate passover with Holy Thurday and Good Friday.

  6. Anonymous  

    Yeah, what the fuck, prof. Everyone knows it's the Buddhists that celebrate Passover.

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