Alamo Drafthouse: We Coulda Been Somebody

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love is dead pack it up
love is dead pack it up

The dream is dead, everyone go home now.

Bwog fondly remembers: it was September 28, 2012, and we got an excited email from our buddies over at West Side Rag: the coming Alamo Drafthouse Theater at 100th and Broadway had applied for a liquor license.  Several months earlier, we wrote about the announced opening of this movie theater of lore: watch a movie, drink a beer, improve your life.  This liquor license turned the dream into what seemed like a reality.

The news only got better: a delicious menu was revealed and our friends from Austin told us to prepare for a life-changing movie-going experience.  Then, this past summer, the shittiest theater in New York, at 86th street, turned into a place of glory.  Bwog started to get misty-eyed: between this and the Alamo Drafthouse, were we actually getting decent options north of Lincoln Center?!

But today, all dreams were dashed.  Somewhere in this favored land (like Brooklyn) the sun is shining bright; John Williams is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are drunk and light, and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout; but there is no joy in the Upper West Side: the Alamo Drafthouse has backed out.

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  1. Anonymous

    So sad. I hope someone still buys it and turns it into a movie theater.

  2. CC

    Good job, NYC gov, for making NYC an awful place to open a small business:

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