Bwoglines: Crystal Ball Edition

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Happy October! The government is shutting down because they can’t make decisions on the budget and Obamacare. Who’d have known? (NYT)

Lorde finally released her new album, Pure Heroine. Do you like it? Did you see her play live last night? Are you going to her show tonight? Can Bwog buy your ticket? (USA Today)

If you can afford to take a taxi, great: New York can offer you the new green taxi. The city has decided that there’s an unequal distribution of cabs, and will be adding access to people not located in Lower Manhattan and Midtown. (Forbes)

And because no one wants to stop talking about Breaking Bad (or TV in general, let’s be honest): it looks like television is doing pretty well these days. (CBS)

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  1. Wasn't

    .. the biggest fan of Lorde. It sounds kind of young for me, I dunno.

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