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In today’s edition of Ask Bwog, we help you buy beer (or not buy beer) from the unlikeliest of sources. If you have any questions about anything, email or use our anonymous tip form.

Dear Bwog,

It was 1 am on a Saturday night (Sunday morning), and we desperately needed alcohol, so we made our way over to the place where everyone gets their alcohol these days—Rite Aid. Armed with a few 12-packs of PBR, we headed up to the counter, but the lady working there told us and the guy in front of us, who was also buying beer, “We’re not selling those right now.” Bwog, we went home empty-handed and way too sober. How could Rite Aid do this to us?! Is not selling beer after 1 am actually a real thing? Help desperately needed for future weekend plans!

Rite Aid Reject

Dear Rite Aid Reject,

Bwog’s surge of intellectual procrastination produced the following New York State and New York City laws on selling alcohol.

From Wikipedia, who never lies: “Until the mid-2000s, sales of beer for off-premises consumption were prohibited statewide before noon on Sundays, a remnant of a royal decree during the Colonial era, and between 3–6 a.m. any day. Changes to the law made in the last years of Governor George Pataki’s administration loosened those restrictions, and now beer sales are only prohibited from 3–8 a.m. Sundays. Counties are free to adjust those hours in either direction, all the way to midnight and noon, and allow 24-hour beer sales on other days of the week.”

And: “Beer sales are permitted 24 hours a day.”

We have no idea why they wouldn’t sell it. Basically, Rite Aid was just screwing you over. Hey, you’ve gotta have fun at 1 am somehow if you’re not allowed to be drunk on the job. Have you tried Duane Reade?


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