Public Safety Advisory: Motorcycle Rally

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Wearing helmets is good. Endangering people's lives, not so much.

Wearing helmets is good. Endangering people’s lives, not so much.

Update: Here’s what actually happened, with photos.

Apparently one of the motorcycle drivers in the crash and subsequent assault on the Henry Hudson Parkway last Sunday is being treated at St. Luke’s Hospital. Prepare for a bumpy ride.

Public Safety Friends,

I am writing to inform you that we are in receipt of information that there may be a large rally/ gathering of motorcyclists this evening, at around 7 P.M. in and around the vicinity of St. Luke’s Hospital. It appears that one of the injured motorcyclists from Sunday’s notorious and tumultuous events along the Henry Hudson Parkway, is presently a patient at St. Luke’s where he is recovering from injuries sustained during Sunday’s events.

Assuming this information is accurate, there is a good possibility of a large and possibly raucous crowd of motorcyclists, along with a large police presence, in the vicinity of Amsterdam Avenue, and 114th Street for much of the evening. Members of the community are advised to be aware of this situation and to plan their activities and routes of travel accordingly. FYI.


Here’s the link to the New York Times article explaining the “events” from Sunday.  Note that the Range Rover driver was, in fact, a Columbia SEAS alum.

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  1. FYI  

    I doubt the gathering crowd knows it, but the man in the range rover who (accidentally) hit the biker and was then subsequently assaulted is a SEAS '02 grad.

  2. anon  

    Aww its no fun hitting motorcycles when they are all gathered in one place =[....

  3. but like  

    why is Bwog telling me this and not Public Safety??

  4. Coincidence

    that GTA5 is also out?

  5. Coincidence  

    that the driver was Asian?

  6. CC '15  

    These tags and comments: "apparently the core doesn't teach you how to drive." "Really?

    I know this is Bwog, but for God's sake, one man might be paralyzed for life and another's family just witnessed their father being brutally assaulted.

    Have some damn decency.

  7. This man

    was a Columbia graduate who had just celebrated his anniversary with his wife that day when a bunch of thugs decided that to take over West Side Highway (9A) by blocking many entrance ramps so they can have the highway by themselves. If anyone watched the video with an IQ north of 85 can clearly see one of the thugs provoking the driver by suddenly breaking in front of him in an attempt to create trouble. In fear of his own safety, but probably more of his wife's and two-year old daughter's, he sped away after the entire mob gangster-wannabes began harassing his car. Sixty streets later in Washington Heights, home to CUMC, he is dragged out of his car and stomped on the head in broad daylight in front of his family and bypassers.

    What a lovely anniversary to remember.

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