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Shakespeare, the original Tim Tebow.

Shakespeare, the original Tim Tebow.

Midterms already getting you down? Don’t worry we got you covered. Madysen Luebke, one of Bwog’s Arts Editors, has created this list of arts-related events to perk up you. Submit arts events you know of to


All Weekend

  • Columbia School of the Arts Theatre Presents The WASPS, a play by Dianne Nora.  It’ll be performed October 3-5 at 7:30pm and the 5th at 2pm in the Schapiro Theatre.  There will be a waitlist at the door for sold out shows.  Free.
  • Another Columbia School of the Arts Theatre production this weekend is The Weird Tree.  Catch this show October 3-5 at 8pm, and October 5-6 at 1pm in the Schapiro Studio.  Also free.
  • While the weather is still nice, don’t forget to check out The Met’s Rooftop Exhibit.  Pakastani artist Imran Qureshi’s art will be featured along with a great view of the city until Novermber 3rd.  Free with CUID.
  • Head down to Chinatown if you’re a fan of street art.  Rumor has it that there’s a new Banksy piece in the city.


  • Stop by the Schapiro 1st floor lounge from 9 to midnight for plenty of comedy and music (and insomnia cookies).  Columbia groups performing include Chowdah, Metrotones, Control Top, The Kingsmen, Uptown Vocal, Venom, Voltage, and Notes and Keys.  It’s almost as if you’re paid in Insomnia Cookies to go.


  • Lowlapolooza is happening again this year.  Stop by Low Plaza to hear Columbia students perform any time between 11am and 6pm.  For free, of course.
  • Control Top Improv Presents:  Fun ~n~ Flirty Fall Fash!on Show is happening at 8pm in Held Auditorion (304 Barnard Hall).  To sweeten the pot, Barnard’s only all female long form improv group’s show will also feature Fruit Paunch.  8pm and free.


  • Basically on campus at Corpus Christi Church (121 and Broadway), Ensemble Peregrina:  Sacer Nidus, The Holy Nest:  Polish Medieval Music will be performing.  A trek uptown is worth it for this 9th-14th century music, especially if you have to write a concert review for Music Hum.  4pm at $20 for students from TIC.

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