Shit People Steal From Dining Halls

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What's in these boxes? Oh, don't worry about it.

What’s in these boxes? Oh, don’t worry about it.

Recently, Bwog asked for the weirdest things people have stolen from the dining halls. Here are some of the responses!

The hoarders:

  • “Through Pavlovian psychology, I’ve trained the freshman in my suite in Hartley to steal fruit daily”
  • “I saw a girl (who may or may not have been my roommate) fill several 1-liter plastic bottles with corn chowder…which may or may not currently reside in our shared fridge”
  • “My best was fitting 14 ice cream sandwiches into my book bag. I ate them all.”
  • “I’ve shielded a friend from view while she pocketed 20 guacamole packets”
  • “I would swipe in for dinner then take food for breakfast and lunch the next day”
  • “‘My friend’ had to steal a whole pizza from the dining hall for a scavenger hunt…’my friend’ regrets nothing”

The creative reusers:

  • “When I was a freshwoman, I used to swipe into Hewitt just to get hot water for my tea.”
  • “We used to take bottles-full of juice to make four loko mixed drinks.”
  • “those very small plastic ketchup cups from john jay for half-shots”

The weird:

  • “A table”
  • “Potted plants”
  • “One kid poured either salt or shredded mozzarella cheese into a cup, added hot sauce, then chugged the entire thing.”

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  1. salt and shredded mozzarella

    are so different in this context.

  2. Pike scavenger hunt

    Omg that pike scavenger hunt was so fun with the pizza! Go PKA...go poonspooning

  3. Sad Alum

    I took my john jay glass home with me as a relic of the good old days of tasteless carrots and soggy pizza


  4. CC-Alum

    I few years I managed to procure an full set of silverware for about 100 people for a fraternity dinner.

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