Bwog Asked: What’s the Weirdest Thing You Have Snuck Into Butler?

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The answer is no
The answer is no

Does Butler even care?

The romantic nights of spending some quality time with your lover, Butler Library, are upon us all with midterms here for some. Bwog ventured into the place itself to see what are the weirdest things you have snuck into Butler to get you through those long study nights.

2nd Floor:

  • My friend took his dog in, but apparently it’s not ¬†supposed to be in here? They just didn’t care.
  • Acid. But not me!
  • I take in alcohol on a weekly basis.
  • I brought a whole cooking set- a water heater, ramen, and metal spoons. Enough to feed 3 people a gourmet feast..

3rd Floor:

  • Ferris Booth pasta
  • An entire surf n turf meal
  • Coffee (original)

4th Floor:

  • A whole pizza pie


  • I don’t know
  • The smell
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  1. Anonymous  

    Now all that's left to smuggle in is a bed and I'll never have a reason to get housing again.

  2. 'a whole pizza pie'  


  3. Librarian

    items of note for the past year include 2 empty bottles of sherry (?!) and a bag containing a whole raw chicken and some octopus

  4. ballerinadalek  

    #3 though... What'd you think we were saving all those Snapple bottles for?

  5. Anonymous  

    who cares? butler sucks anyway.

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