Bwoglines: Reviving American Enthusiasm Edition

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**eyes tear up with pride**

**eyes tear up with pride**

The government may be shut down, but America’s ability to be awesome at sports hasn’t faltered.  We beat a team of international players in golf’s President’s Cup for the eighth time this year.  America!!!!!  (BBC)

According to the New York Times, the Twitter bio is “a postmodern artform” whose master-guru is Hillary Clinton. (NYT)

This term, the Supreme Court will be considering eliminating caps on individual political contributions to a party or candidate. America!!!!? (NYT)

And while America!!!!!! might need a good nap at the moment, Canadian First Nations groups part of the movement “Idle No More” have been uber-busy setting up a blockade to stop gas exploration in New Brunswick, marching to protest high-mercury levels in Ontario, and forcing a coal mining group to delay exploratory drilling in honor of the 250th anniversary of Canada’s creation.  We haven’t been completely left out; Idle No more will  be staging events in the US today as well. (Al Jazeera America)


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