The Small Victories of Midterms: The Butler-ite

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No Uggs here, just some sensible flats.

No Uggs here, just some sensible flats.

In which Bwog brings you The Small Victories of Midterms: illustrations of the little things that make you feel good during midterm season. To start us off, we have he Butler-ite who looks surprisingly well put together.

Note her poise, her intense gaze, her large head (containing a large brain of course). This is the smart and studious Butler girl, the one that sits next to you in 209, or walks past you in the stacks, smelling of hope and No. 2 pencils. She doesn’t dress like some other girls. She is sensible and sleek, with a sweater for the anticipated cold, but without a hood, because she has a reputation to uphold. Ask for her number, but she probably won’t give you a second look.

She’s busy doing homework.

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  1. Ruth Ann Severtson

    You are quite an artist, but your drawing and comments you made shows me you are being YOU, and loving it.

    Love you.

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