Bwog Asked: What Does A Midterm Mean To You?

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Bwog pays attention, duh
Bwog pays attention, duh

“What was the professor saying when I looked at tumblr the whole lecture?”

As this Thursday officially marks the middle of the semester, Bwog annoyed everyone politely asked the Butler patrons tonight what does a midterm mean to them?


  • I’m probably a bad person to ask because I only have one midterm

2nd Floor

  • Well you got to put in a solid effort you know. I think it’s actually harder than finals week cause you still have to go to all your other classes and do all the work for those.

3rd Floor

  • A few days of not getting enough sleep
  • Eating too much
  • Plain crazy

5th Floor

  • Preparing for exams. Is that a good answer?

6th Floor

  • Painful
  • Tough exams in the middle of the semester
  • No sleep
  • Like a really long paper- I’m an anthro and polisci major, so.
  • Lots of work
  • Coffee
  • A nuisance
  • A test
  • Hell
  • A test if we knew the right amount of material at the right time

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  1. Anonymous  

    My birthday is smack in the middle of midterm season. To me, midterm means writing an essay on Ottoman history with a raging hangover ~*good times*~

  2. Alice!  

    Dear Columbian,

    Lounge - you are not a bad person. Each individual has a different exam schedule and there is no shame here. Let's stop criticizing ourselves over the workload.

    3rd Floor - good sleep (quantity and quality) is strongly associated with learning and academic performance. #justsaying

    The entire team at Alice! wishes you all success with your assignments and tests.


  3. E  

    Pretty sure you repeated the first three sixth floor responses from your "what does fall mean to you" post. Just a heads uP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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