Prying Open the Doors of Watson

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Keenan Albee updates on the ongoing battle between those at the business school and those who want to go to business school. 

And so the battle over the Business School Library rages onward. CCSC and ESC have put forth a joint resolution affirming their support for a pilot program aimed at increasing student access to Watson during exam season. Last year, the Business School began to bar undergrads from use of the library during midterms and finals, purportedly over a lack of study space for business students. While this is all well and good, ESC and CCSC have found that Watson is being severely underutilized. Pics below (Look at all of those gloriously empty desks.).

CCSC has approved the proposed amendment, which also underscores a commitment to keeping Watson open to all Columbia students, at all times. ESC will vote on the amendment at their weekly meeting this Monday. The proposed pilot program will open the library from 5pm until closing during exam times, as opposed to zilch access currently.

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  1. oh and don't forget GSSC  

    because while the other councils were incidentally fighting for us, I heard GSSC spent this week on the case of penalizing (over 21y/o) members who had party pictures posted on facebook

    • X  

      @oh and don't forget GSSC:

      GSSC has been fighting alongside CCSC and ESC throughout this process and will be holding a vote on this amendment tomorrow night at their weekly meeting.

      • oh and don't forget GSSC  

        Ah, I see this was linked on the GSSC facebook.

        Q: was that on the agenda before today?

        Q: what has GSSC's contribution been to this?

        Q: why do you think Bwog is reporting it's a CCSC/ESC project?

        • Gardo

          Dear Anonymous,

          I can't speak for the BWOG, but I can tell you that the Watson issue is something that has been addressed at just about every GSSC meeting this year and was also discussed last spring. If you have any other questions regarding this, or any other issue for that matter, I recommend contacting the GSSC VP of Policy. I can just about guarantee that he would love to speak with you either in person at his office hours or via e-mail.

          Edgardo Martinez
          VP of Policy, GSSC

  2. Stay OUT

    Stay OUT of our goddamn libraries, undergrads!

  3. Frustrated Student  

    The current policy is fucking bullshit. Thanks for trying CCSC and ESC.

    Now for the admin black box to listen...

  4. Hooray!  

    Because the undergraduate student councils totally have the authority required to get us access to a graduate school building...

  5. cc15  

    Thanks to CCSC and ESC for fighting for our right to use the University Libraries!

  6. GS '14

    Honestly - why does CCSC and ESC (and the GSSC) think that any sort of resolution they pass will have an effect on the Business School Library policies? They need to sit down with GBA (the business school student government) and work out a compromise!

    • Sidd  

      We have sat with them, the Business School Administration and the Libraries administration on numerous occasions. We wish to formalize our proposed short term solution and update the community on where we stand.

  7. Blunts in Butler  

    Wankers in Watson.

  8. CC '14  

    I am perfectly fine with not setting foot in Watson, or any other graduate library for that matter, but the trade-off must be no grads in Butler

  9. Anonymous

    I'm in the college and study in Watson occasionally, but is it really that serious? Just find somewhere else to study...There's more than 10 libraries on gosh, the entitlement of some undergrads....

    • Christina  

      Is it that serious? In the grand scheme of things, maybe not. But who is really acting entitled here?

      The undergrads, who are demanding access to one of the "more than 10" (read: 23 or so) libraries on campus, which are open to all Columbia University Students, as they should be (with, of course, the exception of Watson from time to time)?


      The particular CBS students who feel only they should be able to use this library, even though they, too, have access to the "more than 10" libraries on campus, just like those entitled undergrads?

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