PrezBo Lectured Today at U of I

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podium reads, "Illini Union"

PrezBo wasn’t in New York Today! He’s lecturing on affirmative action at the Univ. of Illinois!

podium reads, "Illini Union"

Snatched paraphrases of his talk, from someone who was there:

  • “If legacies and athletes want to argue for easier admissions they can do that, but certain races can’t.”
  • “America still has healing to do because of our past… It is about more than educational benefits, it’s about history… We are still not where we need to be… race still matters, prejudice still exists… “
  • “The pre-college educational system is just as segregated as it was in 1960.”
  • “I led the defense of affirmative action at Michigan.”

[The video and transcript should soon be online.]

Photo courtesy Owen Skelding

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  1. Anonymous  

    that photo looks suspicious

  2. nothing special

    another slip and fall lawyer spewing his bullshit all over the place

  3. anon  

    Racism is bad. A White civil rights movement needs to start. I'm sick of being oppressed

  4. Brown

    I think he's right that the pre-college educational system is essentially segregated. Of course it is almost exclusively class stratification that is responsible for this. I'm curious though as to why he felt compelled to criticize only "pre-college" system. Granted certain institutions, such as this one, make a considerable effort to provide access to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, but lack of family resources remains a barrier to access at most places, and not an insignificant one at all. Almost all of us know this whether we are willing to admit it or not.

  5. Is it me or  

    Did anyone else think that was donald trump at first glance

  6. CC '15

    Although I disagree with him on numerous issues, PrezBo is baller and has a clear vision for Columbia's future. I am proud that he is our president.

  7. I have one!  

    Let's share! ;)

  8. Anonymous

    Angry alums can get back at tim by engaging in a takeover via alternative auction of the university's debt! Let's see the obamamker professulas get out of this one

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