Rejoice! Early Decision Deadline Extended

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Have no fear, ED is a treatable condition.

Have no fear, ED is a treatable condition.

The following is an email that was sent to prospective students by the Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for your interest in Columbia University. If you are considering applying Early Decision to Columbia College or Columbia Engineering, please note that we are extending our deadline for applications and all supporting credentials to Friday, November 8, given the challenges some applicants have experienced with the Common Application. This deadline extension is also in place for applicants to the QuestBridge National College Match Program.

We want to assure you that we are committed to working with students who wish to apply to Columbia. We hope this announcement helps to relieve some of the stress and anxiety you might be feeling as the application deadline approaches.

My staff and I look forward to getting to know you through your application and wish you the best of luck with your senior year and your college search.


Jessica Marinaccio

And by challenges of course, they mean that the Common Application website crashed, leaving prospective students and parents alike in a tizzy.

The following is a post from a parent on College Confidential:

I am beside myself with worry. My daughter is basically unable to apply to college. She can not access her common app. She had access from Aug1 until this weekend. It gave her a message that said there was a log in error. She reset her password three times. She submitted a help ticket. They gave her a new password. Didn’t work. She’s using Chrome, so it’s not a browser issue. She didn’t change her email. Just hosed up. So now what……this student who is brilliant, straight A’s, SAT score 2350 can’t apply to college. I feel like I’m either in a Kafka novel or have fallen into the rabbit hole.

Mothers everywhere are throwing back Xanax.

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  1. Common App Crashed?

    Thanks a lot Senator Cruz

  2. Anonymous

    Actually, Kafka *did* write a story about a youngster who, due to bureaucratic obstruction, was unable to apply early decision to an Ivy League school. In its tragic denouement, the protagonist is forced to attend a state university and never makes partner at his white-shoe law firm. Sadly, it was lost to posterity when Kafka's friend Max Brod burned the manuscript.

  3. curious

    did bwog shamelessly contact a c/o 2018 prospie in order to procure this email?

  4. Anonymous  

    I love Jessica Marinaccio - even as a junior she remembers me and my app.

  5. Anonymous  

    Kafka? I love that comment. Its the perfect existential nightmare.

  6. the common app  

    didn't work on chrome when I was applying to schools...

  7. Doing it wrong  

    You're worried about Kafkaesque bureaucracy, so you decide to apply to Columbia?

  8. Anonymous

    The common app crashed. lol

  9. Blunts in Butler  

    Wait. Do I have to apply again?

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