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The most important thing at the SGA meeting

*…on which very little happened at the SGA meeting. There was a fruit and cheese platter, though, so that’s worth acknowledging. Bwog’s own Lauren Beltrone suppressed her instinctual desire to inhale cubes of Manchego alone in the corner and wrote this this article for you instead.

Our special guest on Monday was none other than the Associate Dean for Student Life, Doctor Alina Wong. Dean Wong has done all sorts of research on racial identity among college students and worked at slew of hip liberal arts colleges, joining Barnard only this semester. She spoke about how to create an even more inclusive campus and ways in which we can build the Barnard community. In short, don’t be a *insert non-gendered insult* and remember to imagine others “complexly.”

This discussion led us nicely into the second topic of the meeting: allergies. A representative from the Food Advisory Board joined us to let us know that an allergy awareness program at Barnard is in the making. The program’s scope includes but is not limited to promoting the implementation of ingredient lists in Hewitt, spreading awareness on the issue of eating in lecture, and comparing Barnard’s and Columbia’s approach to allergy accommodation. The student reps voted in favor of asking Barnard dining services to post a daily menu online to better respect those of use who react to airborne allergens.

The reps also passed a motion in support of an event that will be put on by the Columbia Organization for Rising Entrepreneurs, accessing funds from the Joint Council Co-Sponsorship Committee (JCCC—dat acronym tho) in order to do so. In case you were wondering, the JCCC allocates funding to student groups at Columbia and Barnard. Three cheers for funding and the entrepreneurial spirit!

Miscellaneous things you should know about:

Seniors should tailgate this Saturday at 11 am at Baker Field this Saturday for the homecoming game (!!!) if that’s what you’re into. There will be free tee shirts, pizza, and beer if the lure football hasn’t drawn you in already.

Next Monday’s SGA meeting will focus on trigger warnings, and whether classes should be required to enumerate such warnings on the syllabus. If you don’t have a Tumblr/reddit and therefore aren’t familiar with the term, a trigger warning is simply a “trauma response warning” attached to content that could be provocative. If this topic interests you and you’re tired of reading my attempts to be funny, I urge you to come to next Monday’s meeting at 8 pm on the second floor of the Diana and speak your mind. I can’t promise there’ll be a fruit and cheese platter again, but it’ll be a good time nonetheless.

*Editor’s note: originally, last week’s write-up was posted instead of this week’s.  Midterms will mess with you like that.

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