Bwoglines: Human Body Edition

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Just grab a few bras, maybe a dead fetus, and we'll get outta here

Just grab a few bras, maybe a dead fetus, and let’s get outta here

Despite what that guy who takes seven classes is telling you, sleep is actually important for health. But scientists haven’t been able to figure out why—until now. As it turns out, sleep might allow our brains time to clean out its waste. (The Verge)

Watch out, humans. A bionic man—complete with synthetic organs and a functioning circulatory system—wandered around Washington, DC yesterday. And Smithsonian made an excessively dramatized video for it, too. (DCist)

In May of last year, Mayor Bloomberg tried to limit the size of the cups you use to dump soda into yourself. It’s not over yet: the squabble over the soda is set to go before New York’s top court next year. (New York Times)

A Victoria’s Secret security guard stopped two 17-year-old girls with several stolen items in their bags. Including a dead fetus. (New York Times)

And finally, today is your last chance to vote for USenate. Read up on your candidates or see our advice on it, and don’t miss out on voting on the first ballot initiative.

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