Small Victories: Snooze Away

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Midterms are rough. But there’s always the hope of a silver lining in that cloud, a small victory. Today, we bring you the biggest small victory yet, the one that could start off your whole day right.

Despite an elaborate setup of 3 clock radios, phone, watch, and computer alarms — not to mention one of these — you still barely manage to crawl out of bed in time for your first class. You might have all the best intentions of waking up bright and early to put the final touches on that paper, but inevitably you slam a series of snooze buttons to secure yourself that last crucial bit of beauty sleep.

Well, today it’s different. You sprang out of bed with the gusto of an Amazonian sloth, after snoozing only the first four of your seven alarms! Congratulations: you must value a productive morning at least as much as you value the (relatively) uninterrupted sleep of your roommate and neighbors. Look forward to a day free of the usual self-loathing for spending 12 of your 24 hours snoring along to a chorus of alarms. Cook a hot breakfast for yourself; maybe even go for a run? Actually, let’s not get ahead of ourselves: the last thing you’d want to do after your victory lap would be to snuggle back up with your blankie for “just five more minutes.”

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    Bwog has been so boring lately.

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