Who’s Got Spirit?

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those fucking balloons

In a valiant effort to drum up anticipation for the homecoming game against UPenn, the various student council groups on campus have been organizing a series of events. Yesterday, for the first time, the pep rally was held on Low Steps instead of in Dodge gym. This may also be the reason why this is the first time anyone has heard of a pep rally happening at all. The Columbia cheer team and CUMB performed, free things were raffled off, and baby blue glowsticks were handed out about an hour before the sun went down. The crowd at the beginning was actually fairly large, possibly in order to grab one of the free foam fingers or really cool hats. About halfway through the promised “dance party,” the crowd dissipated and most of the raffle items were handed out to the remaining people. It actually was a nice event, if not quite as peppy as promised.

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    ...I have spirit...

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