1020 Realizes It’s 10/20

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Bwog's second home
Bwog's second home

Happy kinda birthday, baby

…but that doesn’t mean they’re doing anything in particular about it. A brief call with the bar tonight found a cheery bartender laughing at the concept of a 10/20 celebration.  On asking if they were doing anything special tonight, he responded:

“You know, we’re not! It’s just a regular night at 1020. You’re about the 10th person to ask me that. It just completely skipped my mind—my boss’s too. We didn’t even realize the date. I think I lost track of the days…it’s October now, right…? Anyways, we’re not doing anything special over here tonight, but you can always come and drink!”

Well you heard the man—screw midterms, it’s 10/20!

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