Bwog Asked: What Did You Do Yesterday?

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Bwog imagines this is what you looked like doing fun shit yesterday

Bwog imagines this is what you looked like doing fun shit yesterday

Lez be honest: Saturdays can be a mixed bag of fun, but yesterday seemed to call for a little extra pizzaz. Bwog stumbled into Butler like every Sunday night to ask the yearning question of what did y’all do yesterday? Why haven’t people caught on to the fact we do this every Sunday night and aren’t piling up in 209 just waiting to answer?

Smokers’ Lounge/Outside Butler

  • I wrote an essay
  • I wrote one, too (must be in cahoots)
  • Took a lot of painkillers
  • I announced the game from the WKCR station. It’s not like I joined sports radio because I like sports or anything

3rd Floor

  • *Exhuasted student* Visited my sick grandmother
  • Fucking midterms
  • Didn’t go to Homecoming, that’s what
  • Went to Homecoming. I was drunk by noon, sober by 7:00 and hit a gravity bong by 9:00

5th Floor

  • Went to the stadium to get free shirts. I got free shirts but proceeded to be bored for five hours.
  • *Overheard person above* Actually..I did the same.. I think I saw you?
  • I ate a sandwich. That’s pretty much it.
  • Is this a trick question? I studied all day then went to dinner on 52nd and 6th Avenue

6th Floor

  • I was working in Butler
  • Got really drunk, went to the game, and decided I was ready to leave at halftime
  • I masturbated behind Baker Field. And then I took a dump in Penn’s bus.

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  1. hm  

    and it seemed like the whole world was at homecoming. goes to show.

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