Bwoglines: Looking Desperate Edition

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Bwog is distressed
Bwog is distressed

“Mom, is Bloomberg going to take away my Slurpees!?”

As if we don’t have enough issues getting shit done in the government, lobbyists for various groups are now putting in their bid to fight for money. (NY Times)

The New York Appeal’s Court has decided to finally hear out Mayor Bloomberg on banning large portions of sugary drinks, particularly soda. (Gothamist)

Walmart thinks that it can become cool again by using the internet to sell stuff since they found out Amazon is killing them in the market. (NY Times)

A Chinese couple have been selling their babies for iPhones, computers, and shoes. Desperate times call for desperate measures and by desperate times, I mean the wait for your iPhone 5S to be delivered. (CNN)

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