Small Victories: Laundry

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Mama Bwog wants to remind you to not mix your whites and colors

Mama Bwog wants to remind you to not mix your whites and colors

It’s that time of the week again: laundry day. That shit is hard enough to remember to do without the added stress of your mditerm tomorrow morning. Bwog’s Laundry Service Experts Raph Debenedetti and Alexander Pines put together the latest Small Victory: doing your laundry.

Fuck. No more underwear and you’re tired of washing the last few by hand. Will anyone notice this is the same outfit you wore three days in a row? Better off claiming you pulled three all nighters than admit your utter laziness to make a visit to the dreaded basement.

What is it about you and laundry anyways? Don’t we all like stainless, diverse and fresh outfits? Not to mention that one thought comes to mind every time you are done with laundry, “man, that wasn’t so hard, I won’t wait so long (read: over a month) to do this again.” And yet, here you are, debating on leaving your room given that you have nothing left to wear. Remember that one time you tried to have a laundry buddy? Yeah that never works out for anyone, don’t worry. But today, today dear college student, dreading to work on that essay or read over your notes for that midterm, you procrastinated and it was actually useful. Today, you did laundry.

The thing is….laundry is not a small victory in college. No. Laundry is a grandiose victory for which we should always get cheers… and clean clothes. But who cares about the latter? Cheers, dude. Cheers.

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  1. Troll  

    "to this again"should be "to do this again."

    I am so sorry I have to be this person. I've been diagnosed with OCD; please forgive me.

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