What Makes You Proud To Be A Columbian?

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Neither the denizens of Butler nor the drunk homecoming revelers could help but stop and read what Columbians had to say about their ~lion pride~.

We think this pretty accurately represents Columbia:

  • The view from Alma on a clear night
  • Not having poop in laundry machines (O_o Yale)
  • My 140 sq foot double
  • I’m bigger than most guys ;)
  • My daughter attends!! <3
  • 7%
  • New York City!
  • G(tb)^2
  • Being black!
  • There are some amazing professors here.
  • I’m not. This school is built on stolen land with money from the African slave trade.
  • Carman 6
  • …and the drawing in the bottom right corner of the first picture.

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  1. Holy sh*t  

    Why the f*$k are people so in to victimizing themselves? Yes, people did bad things in the past and we pushed people off their native land. Yes, people made LOTS of money off of slaves. Any of that would be, and is, inexcusable nowadays. It DOES NOT condemn our institution and shouldn't be a reason to not be proud to be here...grow up, come off of your soap box.

    Recognize the bad that happened, make sure it doesn't happen again, and embrace the good that todays day and age offers.

    • Simply  

      Because it's always easier to blame someone or something else for the problems you face. That's not to say all of this blame is entirely misplaced, it just solves nothing.

      • and  

        its always easier to "get over systemic racism/slavery/theft of native land" when you are not faced with the real world ramifications of those policies every day. No one would ask the Jews to "get over" the Holocaust. No we are not over it.

        • The Difference  

          Is that the vast majority of Jews of our generation don't actively begrudge and antagonize their German peers, because they realize how illogical it is to hold someone accountable for events that transpired generations before they were born.
          This conversation won't lead anywhere productive though, so I digress.

  2. ARE YOU EVEN C6  


  3. CC 2016

    This is funny, but I also find it kinda sad that only 4 out of those 13 responses are sincere. We do have a lot to be thankful for and proud of as Columbians, and it's nice to express that seriously once in awhile.

  4. CC 2015  


  5. CC 17  

    Carman 6, though.

  6. Everyone Here  

    has their heads stuck up their (his) butt

  7. Administrator

    Engaging in meaningful satanic ritualswith my esteemed colleagues is rewarding.

  8. Ooooh  

    I also saw a sign like this in front of the Diana!

  9. C6 CC'2014

    C6!!! Best floor.

  10. CC 2016  

    Carman 6!!!! Fuck yeah!

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