Bwog’s Midterms Playlist

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Bwog was wondering: What do you watch or listen to when you go into an exam knowing you’ll fail? Here’s how we pump ourselves up in anticipation of failure, when we’ve really just got to say “fuck it, we’re doing it live.”

And, in general:

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  1. CC '16  

    No Sleep - Wiz Khalifa

  2. your whippersnapper music is all wrong  

    What, no Joe Esposito-You're the Best Around? Come on guys, I can't be that out-of-touch.

  3. I prefer  

    Killing Me Softly, by The Fugees.

  4. Work B*tch  

    feat. Snooki in Dancing with the Stars (It's inspiring to know she can change her life, while my GPA prevents me from changing mine.)

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