Free Food And Schmoozing (Psst, Seniors Only)

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There will also be an astronaut there

There will also be an astronaut there

If you’re not a freshman, sophomore, or junior, you can get free food tonight! From 7:30 to 10:00 tonight, seniors can get eat, drink, and be merry with Dean Valentini in Lerner Party Space at the Senior Fund Giving Day Kickoff—your dream come true!

Eat Dino BBQ, drink beer, and talk about Columbia University’s 2nd Annual Giving Day. Why worry about midterms where in the world is Hawkma getting a job after graduation when you can get wasted with Deantini and blow some money that he will match (up to $6,022.14)?

Prizes to whoever snaps the first drunk selfie with Deantini.

Deantini and the future of Columbia via Shutterstock

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  1. Anon  

    Can someone please explain what the significance of the number $6022.14 is? I mean, WTF?

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