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Foyer painting by Emily Lazerwitz, a friend of the Bros

“The government may be shutdown, but the Bro Chateau isn’t!” Bwog recently made a couple of weekend visits to the Bro Château, a popular EC townhouse which is becoming known for its themed get-togethers. As always, if you find a room that you think should be hopped, send it to

Their most recent event, the Star Spangled Smammered, celebrated the resiliency of America, despite the fact that the government was partially shutdown. The Château, packed full of sweaty, happy, dancing people, was decorated to match the theme. One wall of the living room space was covered with a big American flag (Americuh!) and the other walls featured portraits of U.S. Presidents, from the 1790’s to Bush and Obama.

So far, Bro Château events have included Whiteout (walls rich with glowing strips of white paper, and colored with neon ink) and The Christening (the Château’s “today is the first day of the rest of my life”).

The birth of the Château? Well it was the obvious answer to: “What can we do with all this space for activities?”

Fun fact: There’s some kind of attic space that isn’t on the floor plan. It’s about the size of a John Jay single, which in the Bros’ words is “big enough to fit a whole man.”

And what’s their tip for EC living? Place decorations high up and barricade private spaces so that they are “drunk proof.”

While themed parties may seem a bit lowbrow or frat-ish, (but of course not insinuating that frats are lowbrow), the Bro Château is a really just a small group of friends who live together and love having people over. Everything they do is decided by a democratic process. They’re sweet guys.

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  1. Anonamoose  

    Is being smammered like smanging it?

  2. Anonymous  

    what's the point in doing a room-hop if you're not going to say who lives in the actual suite/room

  3. Anonymous  

    I heard they had a roller disco party

    • Van Owen  

      Gently, oh so gently, I strapped my rollerblades on and then stood up, my naked body wobbling gently on my uncertain feet. Around me, twenty or so other naked guys were already rollerblading in a circle around the basement, pong tables stacked in the middle. Several were dressed as turtles. Suddenly, I felt a strong arm grab me from behind and steady me. I could feel the pair of manly, muscled legs pressed against the back of my thighs. Between my ass cheeks, I felt something throbbing, but I hoped that it wasn't what I thought. I turned my head to see that it was my pledge trainer, smiling softly as he whispered, "I remember when I was a pledge and couldn't rollerblade for shit." He leaned a little closer, brushing his full lips against mine. As he kissed me, I could feel the bulging muscles of his chest pressing against my back, the definition far superior to the 13 that so many claimed was Top Ten on Campus material. While his diminutive partner stood on top of the stacked pong tables, screaming at the pledges that rollerbladed in unison around the tables to rollerblade "faster and quieter," I felt the tip of my favorite pledge trainer's manhood slip inside me. As he shuddered and pressed forward, he whispered, "oh, noooo." And then we began to rollerblade in unison, squirming as we did so. Flesh slapping against flesh as he pounded me, rolling back and forth, the momentum carrying me forward. As the waves of pleasure rolled through me, I could only think, "I wish pledge term at the Chateau never ended..."

  4. Anonymous  

    Apparently, over two hundred people showed up to their whiteout party.

  5. Bro chateau

    Hey bwog thanks for the post! Our amazingly talented friend's name is actually spelled Emily Lazerwitz though!

  6. Anonymous

    I heard that they had a party with live alligators and ice cream sundaes! And puppies!

  7. Daniella the Barnard Freshman

    OMG BROS! You guys are so hot!! Please invite me to your parties! You guys are like the coolest kids at Columbia!

  8. Anonymous  

    Why would you do a roomhop with no pictures of the actual room?

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