SGA: Desserts Is Stressed Spelled Backwards

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Dark, dark chocolate.

Dark, dark chocolate.

Hey, remember that time last week when SGA showed up at your door with desserts? Remember how you had to fill out that Google form to place your order? SGA read every last one of them and spent Monday’s meeting identifying trends in your responses. Bold Barnard Bwogger Lauren Beltrone was on the scene.

If you completely missed out on the magic that was Desserts After Dark, well, I’m terribly sorry. Last week, SGA delivered cupcakes and cookies to the doors of hundreds of us. The only caveat was you had to dedicate a whole four minutes to talk about your needs/concerns/dreams/fantasies as a Barnard student.
Here’s what’s on our minds.
Seniors want more:
  • Intercollegiate, recreational, and academic events
  • School and LGBTQ community spirit
  • Public sector job events (and fewer corporate ones)
  • Meal swipes
Seniors want less:
  • Of a wait at Liz’s Place
  • Debt
The other classes’  responses were pretty similar all across the board. We want:
  • Better housing
  • Healthier dining hall food
  • An improved Barnard/Columbia relationship
  • Longer library hours
  • More Res Life events
  • Hand dryers in the bathrooms
  • A wider array of guest speakers
  • One unified calendar that tells us everything that’s going on
So, continue feeling confident that SGA //gets you// because they do.
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  1. D. Martinez

    was kinda hoping that wasn't chocolate :(
    Guess I'll go back to forchan

  2. Less Res Life Events Please!  

    If by res life events you mean the dumb events our RAs email us about and no one goes to we want less less less of those spam emails not more.

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