Where Art Thou?

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The artist in question, calling for you to watch his show.

The artist in question, calling for you to watch his show.

Where Art Thou? An existential cry for help? An accusation on a phone with bad service? Or an attempt to recreate a play made hundreds of years ago? Madysen Luebke answers all these questions and more with your weekly dose of all events artsy. If you know of any art-related events, send them in to


This Weekend:

  • King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe’s fall show The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged run this weekend in the Lerner Black Box.  Whether you’re already a Shakespeare fanatic or just want to learn about all of Shakespeare’s plays in only 90 minutes, catch this show Thursday or Saturday October 24 and 26th at 8pm, or Friday the 25th at 11:59pm.  It’s free, but get your tickets from TIC!
  • Columbia Musical Theatre Society presents Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson this weekend in the Glicker-Milstein Theatre, October 24-26 at 8pm and 26th at 2pm as well. If you’ve fallen behind in your American History class, then grab your tickets from TIC for only $5 with CUID.



  • Latino Heritage Month’s annual showcase is upon us, this year known as Latinos En Control.  You can check it out in Roone this thursday at 7:30pm.  If you wait to buy your tickets tomorrow, it’ll be $10 even with CUID, so get them TODAY for only $8 with CUID.


  • Swing by the Diana Event Oval for a good cause at 7pm Jubilation!’s Coffeehouse Session:  The Autumn Show.  See some Columbia talent like Slow Dakota, Jubilation!, Sun Looks Down, and many more for only $5, which includes a charitable donation to the American Red Cross and coffee!
  • Need some laughter in your life?  Comedy group Chowdah’s HELLarious Comedy Sketch Show is going down at 8pm in 223 Milbank.  And it’s free.


  • Need some stress relief and want a creative outlet?  Go learn to Beat Box in the Carman basement saturday starting at 9pm.  Rumor has it there will also be food from FeelGood CU.  Obvi it’s free.
  • Support our neighboring school, The Manhattan School of Music (122nd and Broadway) this saturday by going to the MSM Symphony Concert at 7:30pm.  Tickets are only $7 for students.


  • The Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University presents the talk Kansas City Lightning:  The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker.  Join author Stanley Crouch in talking about one of Jazz’s most influential men.  The only catch is that you have to walk to 623 W. 125th, in 101 Prentis Hall…but  Jin Ramen is right around the corner, if that helps.  The event is free but check out the website for RSVP details.


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  1. Alexander Donnelly  

    Already got my tickets! Break legs Bloody and tCWoS(A)!

  2. Notes and Keys  

    Hey there's a Notes and Keys concert in Lerner 555 at 9:30pm on friday! It's a superhero theme woooo

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