Bwoglines: Really Paranoid About Technology Edition

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protip: they can't track you if your phone battery is removed.

protip: they can’t track you if your phone battery is removed.

Apparently, the people who built the website weren’t expecting as much traffic as it has received since its launch.  The price for having the website shut down as a result?  They’re having a congressional hearing… (Al-Jazeera America)

The New York Times Editorial Board, responding to two recent reports produced by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch dealing with the civilian casualties of the drone war, has come out against the tactic.  (NYT)

Recently, Maggie Gyllenhall, Oliver Stone, John Cusack, and some other people involved in law, politics and government made a video asking for NSA surveillance to end now.  Rest assured, Bwog isn’t monitoring your phone calls and you can trust us with your tips. (NYT)

The impact of spying increases as German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls back the Ambassador to the US today after acquiring intelligence stating that the US had been tapping her cell phone. (BBC)

Bwog is your only option now.

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