CU Football Player Profiled On Danger Of Sport

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That’s gonna hurt.

That’s gonna hurt.

This week in The Atlantic, Columbia’s own football player Chad Washington, CC’15, was heavily featured in an article on the need for more safety measures in football—especially when it comes to head injuries. In the article, he describes heavy hits he’s taken, including a concussion Washington obtained during his high school career. Washington also explains why he chose Columbia over “a school with a bigger football program,” saying that it lessens his chances of being badly injured. Despite his hits, Washington still loves the sport:

“‘It’s always going to be that type of game and that’s the beauty of it, that’s what makes it so much different than basketball or baseball, because it’s a violent game where you can hit somebody as hard as you can,’ he said.”


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  1. In b4 shitstorm  

    Man... Kids got some serious cojones.

  2. lol  

    is that his way of justifying his past actions? hey look i got hit in the head i'm a nutjob so don't blame me for what i did

  3. what a fucking prick.  

    defund the football program plz

  4. Why  

    is he even allowed to speak?

  5. Anonymous  

    going to Columbia may lessen his chance of being badly injured, but it increases all of ours

  6. oh, bwog  

    You are so passive-aggressive. I like it.

  7. Anonymous

    Talk about low hanging fruit.

  8. Blunts in Butler

    Wait. Like he still goes here?

  9. boycotting


    not like i read it before doe

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