Bwoglines: Anything Could Happen Edition

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Go forth, CUMB. You carry our hopes and dreams.

Don’t follow sports? Well the World Series ends¬†continues tonight and so far it’s been crazy. Note: the World Series is Baseball. (ESPN)

Farewell, Lou Reed. (NY Times)

Lobbyist accused of undue influence…on a dog. (Washington Times).

Seattle’s annual amature porn competition, Hump, starts the first of November. Watch out for sleeper hit ‘Mouthpiece,’ by none other than the Columbia University Marching Band. (The Stranger).

And for institutional memory, Sensual Sundays as presented to you by CUMB.


The plane is a metaphor via ShutterStock

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  1. Uhhhh  

    The World Series doesn't end tonight - there will be at least two more games, or possibly three. It's a seven-game series.

  2. Really

    Maybe you guys need a new sports editor. It's only game 5 and the series is tied. Not so hard to figure out glad you guys are able to do your diligent research on simple topics

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