SGA: Chicken Soup for the Barnard Soul

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seriously mommyyyyy bwog needs soup
seriously mommyyyyy bwog needs soup

Ma! The soup!

Bwog Barnard Baccalaureate Lauren Beltrone keeps you up to date on the ever-fascinating, ever-relevant content of Monday’s SGA meetings. She also apologizes for the misleading title and admits that this article contains little to no uplifting inspiration in the form of “real stories.”

No one could really focus at Monday’s meeting, maybe because Halloweek had officially begun, or more likely becauseMonday at 8pm is prime real estate for napping. The reps passed two movements through the Joint Council Co-sponsorships Committee (JCSC), the first giving Fruit Paunch $393.50 (and not a cent less) to go be funny in Ohio and the second giving Active Minds $1,200 to keep on de-stigmatizing mental health in DC.

Much to my and presumably the other two attendees’ disappointment, there was no guest-speaker, so we just went right into individual committee updates.

Senior Class Council is in the process of planning “Chicken Soup for the Senior Soul.” Believe it or not, this event will offer something even better than warm-and-fuzzy, apocryphal “reader-submitted” stories to make you feel less bad about yourself. The SCC wants to assuage your fears about life after graduation in the presence of comfort food, pertinent speakers, and alums, so stay tuned.

Junior Class Council will be hosting an SNL-themed dinner. Sources say, “it’ll be fun.”

Lastly, one rep shared that she was a guinea pig for the New and Improved eBear, otherwise known as The site is rumored to be up to “50% better than eBear” and is “really going to help your daily life.” There’s a launch coming up in the near future. RIP counter-intuitive tab organization and that weird cursive font on the sign-in page.

Now we all gotta go to Milano’s to get soup via Shutterstock

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  1. hallowut?  

    So SGA was unable to do anything productive b/c they were too busy worrying about Halloween and thinking about napping? Don't these people have like, classes or actual work to worry about?

  2. Anonymous

    I just want chicken soup.

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