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The only proper way to do laundry is to read some Philo and smoke a hand-rolled cigarette.

The only proper way to do laundry is to read some philo and smoke a hand-rolled cigarette.

ESC had twice the press releases for twice the fun amid regular goings-on at their latest Monday meeting. Keenan Albee, that SEAS kid who actually leaves the library, reports.

Access was the name of the game as ESC earned two hard-fought successes Monday morning, negotiating a partial restoration of Watson library use and a quickfix for commuter swipe access. While pleased overall, ESC President Siddhant Bhatt remarked that the swipe access change in particular was a “baby step,” but still a move in the right direction.

Keeping with the momentum trend, it looks like Wi-Fi in Carlton Arms will soon be a reality, with routers purchased by University Apartment Housing for each suite set to be installed within approximately three weeks. What’s more, the ESC Competitions in Mathematics are also starting to solidify: the student-run math competition for high schoolers already has Admissions on board and will be getting logistical support from ESC—looks like a win-win-win.

Barnard-Columbia Divest also stopped by to pitch their cause to ESC. Some council members responded with calls for better methods of making a political statement—concerns over divestment included Columbia’s professional relationship with oil companies (those jobs and internships doe), loss of shareholder activism, and taking a financial stance against a social issue. Nonetheless, ESC will be mulling over what action, if any, to take on the divestment issue in the near future.

After BC Divest trooped out the door it was rundown time. Here we go:

ESC is taking a look at better use of building space during finals, namely Lerner. Coffee vendors will also be swarming onto campus this year during final season.

The honor code is undergoing some rough draftin’.

The ESC website is all nice and updated, and includes the two latest council press releases. Take a gander.

After last week’s meeting with Dean Kachani, ESC is looking into departmental policies regarding the undergrad/grad grading curve issue.

Posters and helpful magnets have been deployed in freshman dorm laundry rooms to help cope with broken machines, because a laundry machine going up in flames is always better with a magnet on it.

The CSA First Year Eat & Greet will be on Thursday, 10/31, from 12–2 PM in Lerner 401.

ESC meets every Monday at 9:30 PM in the Lerner Satow Room.

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