Bwoglines: When Something is Not Quite Right Edition

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Home alone meets Halloween.

That’s why his hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.

A sophomore at NYU fell into a tiny space in between two buildings, and remained stuck for 36 hours. Columbia did that once in a movie, with that guy James Franco.

A mayor in Toronto admits that he smokes crack cocaine. In other news, Canada is still America’s hat.

Oakley has a line of sunglasses that are marked as “Asian Fit.” Bwog is still waiting for “Constantly eats junk food thus has a greasy face non-slip Fit” sunglasses.

And Apple discloses how many requests it receives from the US Government. Apparently the law only allows them to state the number in increments of 1,000. Well played, the man.

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  1. Asian Fit

    I wonder if they make you more prone to cheat too

  2. In other news....

    America is still Canada's underpants.

  3. Anonymous  

    "A mayor in Toronto..." Not to be confused with all the other mayors that Toronto has

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