Overseen: A Different Party Rental Truck

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A tipster spotted a party rental truck that wasn’t from ACE Party Renal, aptly named “Something Different Party Rental.” In the spirit of things that are different, Bwog has changed 5 things in the photo. Leave a note in the comments if you spot one!


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PrezBo asked, “can we try something different?” Facilities took it literally.

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  1. Procrastination rules  

    You've eliminated the figure in the blue sweatshirt (on the left on Low steps); You've changed a 7 to a 6 in the phone number on the truck;
    You've slightly altered the coloration of the 'smile' logo on the party rental truck from red to magenta;
    You've also altered the lettering on the cab of the red truck;
    Lastly, you've added a black thing/handle to the cab of the red truck.

  2. Also

    the swastika is totally gone in the bottom picture!

  3. Anonymous

    why can't bwog's photoshop skills always be this good

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