Bwoglines: What What Were You Thinking? Edition

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the original Christmas criminal

The original Christmas criminal

Since you’ve been keeping up with Bwog, you probably know that there’s a 3D printer on campus that is open for all to use. Hopefully none of you finds extra motivation (we know you won’t) and does something like this. (CNN)

The Toronto mayor is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving. This week he stepped out with the airtight alibi that he was too drunk to remember having smoked crack. Happens to the best of us. (NPR)

You will never be able to understand the logical procession that went into this school’s decision-making, so stop trying. (ABC)

Bonus! While digging up timely articles for all to enjoy, Bwog happened upon this strange tag on the ABC News website. What possibly could have happened to necessitate the creation of this tag? Maybe it was this song. Definitely criminal. (ABC)

The Grinch looking swole via Shutterstock

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