Bwoglines: Real World Updates Edition

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"Are YOU in the loop?"

“Are YOU in the loop?”

Because you need some random item immediately, Amazon worked out a deal with the United States Postal Service to be able to get it to you on a Sunday. (Amazon) (Salon)

Aw, young people aren’t comfortable writing cell phones into fiction. There goes technology, ruining things againWhat about if you feel it’s entirely impossible to write about anything set after the Industrial Revolution? (The Awl)

Rand Paul plagiarizes a lot of things, but who really cares? (Salon)

And at last, Canada has decided that doctors probably shouldn’t be prescribing heroin. (Vice)

Informed young woman via Shutterstock.

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  1. best comment on that dumbass cell phone post  

    "I find it impossible to write fiction set after the invention of the motor-car. Who wants to hear endless tedious descriptions of how the character listened to some dreadful talk radio station for 43 minutes while driving to work? How can we justify characters not being able to travel to the next town over, or build an important plot point out of having forgotten an important item at home during a light snowstorm? When, but on a long and intimate carriage ride, do we get a chance for two people to just sit and *communicate* without distraction?"

    the problem isn't cellphones, luddite dude, it's your own lack of creativity

  2. Anonymous  

    doctors should be allowed to prescribe heroin to people with life threatening opiate dependencies, imo

  3. Anonymous

    Did anyone actually read the VICE piece before writing this and linking to it?

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