Bwoglines: No Comment Edition

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What year is this from?

What year is this from?

A Michigan man has won the jackpot. Twice. No comment. (Huffington Post)

America had created an ethanol policy in an attempt to slow global warming and make the United States “cleaner, stronger, and more secure.” It has done the opposite. (Associated Press)

People with degrees in useful majors have been useful once again. This time, they have created “invisible helmets.” Bwog is still waiting for the invisible car. (TechCrunch)

Apparently pumpkin spice lattes don’t actually contain pumpkin. In other news, approximately one million NorthFace wearing girls deleted their Instagram accounts because they have lost all meaning. (Dailymail)

paleontologist from Columbia has discovered a long-extinct platypus. Take that Harvard and Yale and Princeton! (New York Times)

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