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Bwog thought partial derivatives were taught in kindergarten?

Bwog thought partial derivatives were taught in kindergarten?

Spring 2014 class registration is nigh upon us, and if you are like Bwog, then you are furiously checking the directory/CULPA/your friends’ grades for the perfect classes. Bwog has complied a list of our top favorite picks. Please leave your own in the comments below.

American Studies: Andrew Delbanco, Foundations of American Literature

Comparative Literature: Liza Knapp, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky

Comparative Literature: Liza Knapp, Dostoevsky,Tolstoy & the English Novel

Comparative Literature: Bruce Robbins, Modern Comparative Fiction

Computer Science: Adam Cannon, Intro to Computer Science/Programming in Java

Economics: Lena Edlund, Gender and Applied Economics

Economics: Francesco Brindisi, Economics of NYC

English: Erik Gray, Victorian Poetry

English: Erik Gray, Romantic Poetry

English: Michael Golston, 20th Century Poetry

Ethnicity and Race: Elizabeth Ouyang, Post 9/11 Immigration Policy

Ethnicity and Race: Elizabeth Ouyang, Comp Study of Constitutional Challenges

History: Eric Foner, Reconstruction in Civil War

History: Barbara Fields, History of the South

History: Anders Stephanson, US Foreign Policy 1890-1990

History: Lisa Tiersten, Colonial Encounters

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering: Michael J Massimino, Introduction to Humans in Space Flight

Linguistics: John Mcwhorter, Introduction to Linguistics

Writing: Margo L Jefferson, The Modern Arts Writer

Writing: Cris Beam, The Literary Reporter

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  1. Anon  

    Precolombian histories of native America with severin fowles

  2. CC'16  

    y u gotta publicize all the classes already on my list...

  3. Anonymous  

    You've got to be kidding me with this list

  4. I'm different  

    What about all the great math classes we can take?

  5. Anon  

    Cannon seriously? He can't teach.

  6. Anon

    More science and math classes come on. There are some kick ass Calc classes, really wonderful computer science ones.

  7. Seriously?  

    Neither Econ class is being offered this spring. I would not be surprised if that is true for some of the other classes here as well. Thanks a lot, Bwog. Very helpful for seniors.

  8. Anonymous  

    Way too many humanities classes.

    Intro to higher mathematics, Andrew Obus

  9. Anonymous

    @Seriously?: nor is the writing class with Cris Beam.

  10. anon  

    anyone have any good suggestions for comp. lit classes? i can't take the liza knapp classes (unavoidable class conflict) and would love some suggestions. Thanks!

  11. clearly clueless  

    I literally dont understand how a math class can be good.

  12. i'm a non-humanities major  

    wow humanities are soooo lame. comp sci/math/science is special and difficult and way cooler.

  13. yo  

    where the global cores at?

  14. Former Gender and Applied Economics Student

    Er, Bwog, what are your sources? Because Lena's cray

  15. No one excep the majors know  

    that DEES is actually the best department this school has... Take EESC 2100 with Gisela Winckler and Mingfang Ting and get acquainted.

  16. so lazy

    What about the easiest classes in Columbia/Barnard?
    Feeling like we need a list of those...


    This just in: in a self-selected, statistically similar group of people, students reveal that they like THEIR MAJORS better than all other majors and FOR SOME REASON seem to think that it is the BEST MAJOR AT THIS ACADEMIC INSTITUTION. Other people in their majors AGREE. People in other departments...DISAGREE. Clearly, further study is required. Someone get the Scientists on the phone.

  18. YES  


  19. YES  


  20. Anonymous  

    any good polisci class?

  21. Anonymous  


  22. Anonymous  

    HUMAN SPECIES - PROF. SHAPIRO . it will change your life

    • Anonymous  

      ^ and (possibly) your GPA

      • HCE  

        But it's an incredible course!! This class made me feel absolutely exhilarated about learning, which I haven't always experienced at Columbia. Jill Shapiro could talk about ANYTHING and it would be riveting. She takes no bullshit, but she is kind and brilliant, and she will go out of her way to help you if you ask for it. Yeah, it may affect your GPA (if worst comes to worst, just pass/fail@), but honestly, this is the kind of class I came to Columbia to take, and the kind of professor I came to Columbia to learn from. DO NOT miss out!

      • anonymouse  

        I got an -A with minimal studying and cramming the day before the two tests. You can absolutely succeed in that class, as the material is not complex, she literally tells you everything you need to know during lecture, and the tests are without surprises. Also she's the best.

  23. Anonymous  

    I really liked OuYang's class, but I don't think you can recommend her because her grades are completely random (or, sorry, but really determined by your race/politics).

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