A Cross Country Extravaganza

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Such a well-designed poster, good job guys

Look at that poster

In our new trend of highlighting Columbia sports teams who win things, here’s to tomorrow’s Cross Country race! Did you know that we have a pretty groovy Men’s Cross Country Team, which is currently ranked number 8 in the NCAA? If you’ve been disheartened with the recent state of athletics and/or have never attended a Columbia athletics event, now is your chance.

Tomorrow at 11:45 am at Van Cortlandt Park, both the men’s and women’s team will be racing in Regionals, which if Glee has taught us anything, is just one short step and an infinite number of Katy Perry covers away from Nationals. Buses are leaving from 116th and Amsterdam at 10:30 and 10:50 am. If that doesn’t convince you, there’s more: free hot chocolate, coffee, and bagels will be available at 10 am.

P.S. If you miss the bus, just take the 1 up to 242nd street and look for the Tortoise and Hare statue. If you’ve never taken the 1 uptown before, it’s simple…just go to the opposite side of the platform. There’s a whisper (aka another line on that poster) about free Metrocards.

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  1. Anonymous

    I went to see the x-country team at Princeton. It was a lot of fun and they won!!!!

    I was so proud of them!

  2. Anonymous

    I was at Princeton as well! Make the trip - you'll have a great time. The team is so cool and they have so much fun together. You'll get sucked in instantly and they are so appreciative - you will definitely get a few hugs and high fives!

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