Overheard: Creme Bro-lee Edition

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Privilege never tasted so sweet...

Privilege never tasted so sweet…

Two big buff guys are standing in the ice cream aisle of Morton Williams. One has blonde highlights streaked in his hair.

Highlights: Dude! How do you not know what creme brûlée is!?

Dude: What, man!? I’m sure if you, like, explained it to me I would know what it is. I just don’t know it by name.

Highlights: Whatever…anyway, my mom makes the best creme brûlée.



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  1. anon  

    I forgot melting sugar on pudding is "privilege"

    • ahem  

      In recent societal memory, crème brûlée has come to be associated with the wealthy upper class. To pretend that you don't know this is to be facetious for the hell of it. For example, I could use the model of your previous statement and apply it to steak: "Didn't know cooked meat was 'privilege,' bro." But of course generally speaking steak is very expensive and only the middle class and up can enjoy it.

      Do you see how ignorant your comment was, by that logic? Simply because you don't understand or see class/wealth privilege doesn't mean that it isn't exist. C'mon, you at least have to try to look beyond yourself.

      Anyway, now that I've tactfully explained to you why your comment is ludicrous, please allow me to make an addendum:

      Fuck you, privileged asshole.

      • anon  

        I believe many cattle farmers who you may consider lower class get to enjoy steak very often. Hell if they are dairy farmers crème brûlée may even be common. Maybe if you spent less time making broad generalizations about topics and instead handed out crème brûlée to the homeless man outside of john jay you may be making a difference rather then trying to troll on an anonymous forum.

        • r u srs?  

          I'd love to give food and money to the homeless man outside of John Jay, if not for the fact that I often don't eat myself because I can't afford it. Thanks for assuming I have the capital to do so, though.

          Now, to your point: Obviously the cattle or dairy farmer who has constant access to the product can enjoy whenever he or she wishes it. That's a given, and is also an entirely different economic model. If we are speaking of an urban environment in which the good must be purchased, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find an expensive commodity like steak or crème brûlée for a cheap price. That's like saying "the fisherman can have caviar whenever he wants." Sure, probably, if he isn't busy selling it for his livelihood. But you've got acknowledge that that doesn't change the fact that caviar is sold in establishments associated with the wealthy and is pricey, though.

          That isn't a generalization. I'm not trolling, but rather opining based on empirical sociological evidence gathered both here at Columbia and in other communities. (Although I feel as though that should be rather self-evident...)

          But whatever. I'm done with this.

          Also, it's "rather than."

  2. Anonymous

    This world is full of so many assholes, and it gets harder to distinguish the assholes from the non assholes because the assholes become good at veiling their assholes, assholes cloaked in truth.

  3. brosef

    how much protein is in creme brulee?????

  4. brozo  

    does this have a low-carb, fat-free version? i already look fat in my sweater and i'm anticipating the usual thanksgiving weight gain...

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