1. anon  

    what the fuck is this? just stringing together snarky insults. This wasn't funny, just dumb.

  2. Kristyn

    I really don't get the point of this, but regardless it's pretty insulting to the team and making a joke out of something they take seriously and I'm sure were really upset about.

    • Anonymous

      I thought this was pretty dumb and unfunny too.

      But if you say, "It's pretty insulting to the team and making a joke out of something they take seriously," then nobody could probably joke about anything ever in the history of time.

  3. Anonymous  

    this is pretty awful, even for bwog. what's the basketball team done to deserve this?

  4. Anonymous

    yeah wait actually fuck this
    this is 100 % the wrong angle to take on a close loss to one of the best teams in the country

  5. Anonymous

    WTF Bwog. Our Lions are a great team and a great bunch of guys. This is not funny. It is unkind.

    It is one thing to be funny, it is another to be mean to your classmates.

  6. Anonymous

    No, they're actually being serious here... just the writer doesn't have a very good tone to express this

  7. Apologetic Author  

    Just wanted to apologize to the people who found this insulting. The jokes were intended to be backhanded compliments, I just didn't do a very good job. I really am proud of what our team did, and again, sorry for any hard feelings.

    • Then  

      change it, or take it down. Why did the compliments need to be backhanded anyway?

      • Apologetic Author  

        Agreed, I made a mistake and just used the wrong tone for this article. I can't personally take it down, but I will ask. I see now that the way it reads was the opposite of my intention, so I really am sorry.

      • Alexandra  (Bwog Staff)  

        To reaffirm: we really, sincerely were impressed by the turnout of this game, the boys played hard and it was an awesome testament to the fact that our team actually is a contender on the national level (see: tags).

        I apologize to the readers and the team for the edge on this piece - it was poor judgment. In the future we will be clear about our teams' successes, which very much deserve to be praised and celebrated.

        Just so you know how legitimately proud and excited we are for the team, here's Bwog's email thread when we first got a tip that we were ahead:
        "Kind of a big deal"
        "Very cool"
        "They lost by 9 points in the end…); That our team could hold its own against a perennial basketball power, especially one from the Big 10, is hella awesome."
        And, finally, "Fucking Michigan State (diehard UMichigan fan)."

  8. anon  

    So it seems bwog is going to hell with its dumb edgy shit. Who is down to make a new news site with me?

  9. Is this a joke?

    MSU played like shit. Columbia played like they always do...and they lost.

  10. Anonymous  

    so sick of bwog trying to sound like they are so much cooler than everyone else this article is such a shame the bball team killed it the other night and they don't need some newspaper attempting to write sarcastic comments its pathetic. also a lot of people knew about the game (not just two)


  11. Anonymous  

    Honestly, because of this article, you have lost a reader. I know you guys like to get humorous on bwog, but this is our team you're talking about. Maybe rethink how you approach these types of stories (you know, stories that actually deserve straight up respect). This was in no way the path to take in "congratulating" OUR team. I'm disappointed in the way this was handled and wonder how this article even made it through the Editors-in-Chief.

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