1. huh

    brushes? male black? lol

  2. Anonymous  

    Bloody hell that's fucking close and early in the day too. Fuck these bullshit humans, I need to go and live in a cave in the mountains.

  3. for Fuchs' sake  

    Thanks for specifying the phone model. The iBandit has returned!

  4. A friendly reminder

    You live by the projects

  5. Anonymous  

    hope he was at least aware of his environment and not fucking tapping at that damn thing.

  6. Anonymous  

    I'm sure glad that the people in charge of our safety have never once released a crime alert free of absurd spelling errors!

  7. anon  

    I hope he got a good snapchat before he was robbed!

  8. Anonymous  

    Countdown to the "I'm not racist, but..." posts

  9. anon

    What happened on October 29th? Beware of the brushes!

  10. In before racist trolls

    ...waiting for it...don't disappoint me...

    • Anonymous

      Describing the assailant in terms of age, sex, race, and decription is not at all racist. People have to get over themselves. We and the police need to know what the criminal looked like.

    • straw-man + fake offense combo  

      you aren't actually offended; you get off on self-righteous offense.

      if this weren't true, you wouldn't have posted at all--but you did. because when the commenters failed to offend you, you had to literally beg them to.

  11. Anonymous  

    There have been so many armed robberies near campus lately compared to last year. Public safety needs to get on that jawn.

  12. Anonymous  

    @In before racist trolls: Ugh can we keep the conversation on campus safety instead of this PC bullshit? This shit's actually scary and really close to campus

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