Barnard’s Tent Secret Revealed

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Barnard students have been puzzled for about a week by the presence of a large, ugly white tent right inside the gates. What is Barnard hiding? A fissure leading straight to the center of the earth? An uprising of mole people? Bwog snuck a photo through a crack between the tarps… They’re putting a sweet Barnard crest on the ground! According to a tipster, this is Barnard’s new logo for its 125th anniversary next year, and there will soon also be new markers and flags on Broadway.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Is this what Google is doing in SF Bay in their mysterious building too?

  2. Anonymous  

    the real question is how many people have had sex under there

  3. Bolin  

    So... mole people are giving Barnard a new crest?
    The better question is why isn't Millie a part of the logo?

  4. not impressed  

    it still says "columbia university"

  5. BC15  

    Any idea when they're taking away the tent, though? Any big occasions or ceremonies coming up?

  6. Dat Budget Tho  

    Perfect use for all that extra money they apparently have, right?

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