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so fucking cute i diiiiiieeeee
so fucking cute i diiiiiieeeee

The Class of 2014 sweater

Last week, we were contacted by a Princeton 2012 alum about Hillflint, a “collegiate sweater line” he started for the Ivy League. We checked out the website, made jokes about the pictures of what’s supposed to be the Ivy experience, scoffed at the pretentiousness in the assumption that people will know your school based solely on its colors, and reached our final conclusion: we want a thousand of these fucking sweaters.

This morning, Hillflint launched a line of Columbia Class Year sweaters for the classes of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. We got the deets: thick knit crewnecks made from nearly 1.5 pounds of 100% ultra-fine Australian merino (apparently the best) with classic varsity styling–ribbed arm cuffs and waist, raglan sleeves. More specifics after the jump, if you’re into that kinda thing. For now, you can just pre-order the Columbia Class Year sweaters–Hillflint is ordering them and they will ship in 8 weeks.

We like the idea of having similar sweaters to other Ivies, something to bring us together. We also like that this is the closest we can get to cheating the system and nabbing a CU letterman sweater. Mostly, though, we love to bring you discounts. These sweaters ain’t cheap, but Hillflint has offered Bwog readers a discount: use the code BWOGCY2013 at checkout to get $20 off–the price will be reduced from $99 to $79. Still a lot, but hey Hannukah and Christmas are around the corner, right Mom?? We can go halfsies!

To use the discount code:

  1. Add to cart
  2. Checkout
  3. Enter billing and shipping info (and then there will be one more screen)
  4. Add discount code (BWOGCY2013) and enter credit card credentials.

More on the sweaters:

  • Sweaters are made of 3 ends of 2-ply Australian merino wool at a 19.5 micron count, essentially one of the highest grade sweater wools in the world. Aka soft as shit.
  • 7-gauge knit
  • Precision stitched raglan sleeves
  • Numerals are intarsia knit into the garment

Sizing: (note: they’re slimmer fit)








Back length






Chest width






On Hillflint

  • Like Warby Parker–no middleman, just good product without brand markup
  • Class Year sweaters started last year with Dartmouth. Since, thousands have been sold across the Ivies
  • Free returns and free size exchanges as long as it still has tags and is in new condition

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  1. come on  

    your being used as a pawn by a for-profit enterprise

    they can buy a fucking ad if they want to peddle their overpriced shit—unless this is a sponsored post, in which case you should say

  2. Anonymous  

    so how much of a commission are you getting?

  3. Not ashamed  

    that I'm considering buying one

  4. Wow

    These sweaters are fucking stupid and way too overpriced. I'm sure bwog isn't getting a cut and that douchey scummy publisher of yours jake was not involved in this...

  5. Also unashamed

    that I'm totally buying one.
    I am a first-generation college student and I work hard for my money. Proud, not ashamed to sport an ivy sweater.

  6. Why are these  

    so much better than the ones CCSC designed.

  7. Can I justify  

    spending $160 on the heritage and class sweater? lol

  8. i wish  

    that is said columbia's name on the sweater and not just the class year.

  9. anyone  

    "the assumption that people will know your school based solely on its colors"

    ...with a sports-oriented brain (i'm not saying this to discredit the good sports we have) will see our colors and think UNC

    false pretension

  10. lol  

    I'm glad to see they're keeping it Ivy-only, no state schools from Philadelphia or anything ridiculous like that

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