The Sky is Falling: Aftermath…?

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Coming soon: ceiling

Coming soon: ceiling

Remember back a few weeks ago when all hell broke loose, the end of the world was nigh, and chunks of ceiling started collapsing in Mcbain? After reaching out to housing to ask some questions, the Executive Director of Communications for facilities, Dan Held, sent this statement.

Ceiling debris issues are fairly uncommon; this year there have been three and they are typically caused by water damage. Students are relocated for all major issues, and may be relocated permanently if the student prefers. The repair timeline and cost is dependent on the severity of the damage. Students are expected to have their own renter’s Insurance or be covered by their family homeowner’s insurance. Housing reviews each instance individually with the residents involved. We are not aware of any facility-related incident within the residence halls that has resulted in personal injury. If an incident does result in personal injury, we would work directly with the student and their health insurance carrier.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Dan Held is a very eloquent man, it seems.

  2. bitter  

    we pay 60k a year but the university isn't liable for their own shitty facilities and dorms? fuck that noise

  3. Blunts in Butler  

    They're gonna need a fat one to smoke after facilities bills them for the repairs.

  4. soooo

    So if I almost die because of sheetrock falling on me, I have to pay for the thing that almost killed me?

  5. jerry  

    facilities seems very professional and helpful. these students should not complain

  6. Anonymous  

    ^I think this statement actually sums up the Columbia experience in general...

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