CUMB Gets Made Fun Of, Doesn’t Like It

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They preferred to heckle.
They preferred to heckle.

Back when CUMB didn’t even feel like playing instruments, which they sometimes do today.

Bwog received a tip that one Stephen Snowder—fearless Columbia student and Chief Editor of Columbia’s The Lion—had created a WordPress blog called CUMBsucks, mock-mocking the Columbia University Marching Band. This site was modeled after the original specsucks website (which of course now looks like this). He has since took it  down, but you can peek at it here.

Snowder mock-promoted his mock-website on The Lion, writing that

It’s a really good blog. I never thought [sic] about how much the marching band sucks before now, but now that I’ve read these indisputable facts, I cannot disagree with the statement that the marching band is terrible.

According to one source, “the band was so offended they called him and asked him to take it down (which he did).”

This seems a little hypocritical of the CUMB, which is uniformly loved/hated for its  inflammatory remarks and keen analytical eye regarding all things Columbia. It gets better—Peter Andrews, head manager of CUMB, was actually in on the joke from the start: it was a “private joke” between him and Snowder that, appropriately enough, started after ’Bo’s Freedom of Speech class. Regardless, other members of the band were uncomfortable with it. We find it a lil’ disappointing that CUMB couldn’t itself take a joke. Do they really feel so threatened by the likes of “Your days are numberd just like the NUMBERS in your secret saying”?

We reached out to Mr. Snowder for comment:

I started CUMBsucks as a joke after a bandie suggested that I was making too many specsucks jokes. The site was intended more to make fun of myself (look, I’m finally telling a different joke—oh, it’s actually the exact same joke but I replaced the word “spec” with the word “cumb”) than it was to make fun of the band.

I thought this was pretty obvious, but the band must have disagreed. In fairness, most of them have never met me and would have had no way of knowing that this was the joke. I got a call from the band’s head manager, who told me that the band was personally offended by my blog, and asked that I take it down. I immediately agreed, because it was never my intention to actually hurt anyone’s feelings. I am, and always have been, a fan of the band. I am also, and always have been, a fan of the spect. Luckily they’ve not yet asked me to stop making jokes about them. #saterdayisaday #specsucks

And we heard from Peter Andrews: 

The cumbsucks website was a private joke between myself and the site’s founder, Stephen Snowder. After our midterm in PrezBo’s class, I made a joke to him about overusing “specsucks” jokes, and he responded with this website; hence why the site’s tagline was “FACT: Peter Andrews does not know what is funny.” After a few posts on the site, I asked Stephen to take the site down because band members had started to ask me about it and I wanted to make sure it didn’t get out of hand, and he agreed without hesitation. So I don’t think there’s a story here, honestly.

Maybe not, but we’re still awaiting comment from Kev$ho.

CUMB of past via WikiCU

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  1. Anonymous  

    why can't we all be chill with each other :[

  2. Anonymous  

    Finally, I thought I was alone in thinking that the marching band was terrible!! It's even more embarrassing to watch the marching band at halftime during a football game than to hear the record of the football team! Why can't we have a normal, kickass marching band like other schools… oh that is right we go to Columbia therefore we must be suuuuuuuuper original.

  3. this is worthless

    go do some real reporting, bwog. this is a non-story. i'm bored.

  4. band member  

    This shit is hilarious.

  5. Anonymous  

    So two students had a private joke, it got slightly out of hand, and now they're both totally cool with each other. So of course Bwog has to call them out and try to stir up shit. This is why we can't have nice things.

  6. Anonymous  

    Slow news day?

  7. CUMB member  

    I thought the site was HILARIOUS and was sad when it was taken down... I don't think band members actually were offended. It was just an inside joke between one member and Stephen. So like, what's the story?

  8. a band member  

    For the record, I'm pretty sure most of the band just thought it was hilarious.

  9. lol

    i like it! some insider info on the band..

    also i feel like if the band members really enjoyed the site as much as they say they did, they would have egged the blogger on and proudly made it their own. too bad band or t(b)^3

  10. lol at this writing

    before the jump: OMG, band drama!!!!1!
    after the jump: wait, here's the real story which is there is no story.

  11. band member t.c.  

    give this blog the boot
    get the bwog to bed
    go take bwog their balls
    good typing bwog, tres bien

    great time bitching there, bwog.

  12. The Dark Hand  

    yes CUMB sucks but so deos speck

  13. band alum  

    i swear to god this has to be the stupidest thing i've heard from the band or bwog.

    like i don't even get what is going on, if anything.

  14. Arsene Wenger  

    [campus media circlejerk intensifies]

  15. lolololololololol  


  16. captain Blackbeard

    CENSORSHIP never wins.

    Suck it cum band

    Cumbandsucks . WordPress .com

  17. How is this a story?  

    And why is this Bwog's business?

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