Bwoglines: At Gunpoint Edition

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The point of a gun

The point of a gun

“Navigation and interior lights were turned off, the ship’s radio went silent, and plans for what to do if pirates boarded the vessel were reviewed.” Columbia professor Peter deMenocal braved the threat of Somali pirates to research the history of Africa’s climate. (Columbia University News)

Both sides of the gun control debate have presented bad arguments. In his book Guns For Good Guys; Guns For Bad Guys, gun dealer Michael Weisser presents a response based on gun owners’ actual experiences. (The New Yorker)

“Two officers, outfitted with combat boots and large guns, enter the room. The cops place their guns on the table, pointed at her.” Every day, in police stations across the country, this scene repeats itself. But this time, as the officers interrogated her, Sociologist Alice Goffman was watching them. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

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  1. Columbia Professor Peter deMenocal

    Is still a giant douche

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