Overheard: Adderall Papers

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If you had Adderall, you wouldn't need to stay up this late.

If you had Adderall, you wouldn’t need to stay up this late.

While waiting for a class this week, Bwog overheard a group of TAs for a class on Buddhism talking about their students.

First TA: “They’re grumpy because they don’t get any sleep and it’s also a side effect of the Adderall. You can always tell when you’re reading an Adderall paper—they think we can’t tell, but they always have so many ideas and spewed it out in one sitting.”

Second TA: “We are surrounded by drug users.”

Third TA: “I give them better grades than they deserve…”

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  1. Anonymous  

    fuck adderall smoke weed have a nice day

  2. D

    People who take adderall to get through school are just too weak to cut it here.

  3. 4.0 GPA  

    I love adderall. I can complete a semesters worth of assignments in a few days, which allows me to destroy Grand Theft Auto V.

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